The Most Anticipated Event for Video Creators & Marketers is Finally Here...
Where The World’s Top Video Influencers, Video Marketers And Brands Reveal Everything They Know About Turning Videos Into Sales - 60+  High-Level Speakers
Get Access to the world’s leading experts on audience growth, brand building and influence gain, all the one room, just for you.
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VidSummit is NOT a place where influencers connect with their fans. Instead, VidSummit is where you become an industry insider. Without the fans at the event, influencers share the truth of what they do - the truth they would never share online. In other words, VidSummit is the only event where dozens of the top 1% of influencers show you how to get fans fast, build a brand and make millions from your content.
Who Is VidSummit For?
Content Creators & Influencers
Last year, we had a few of the top 5 YouTubers in the world (w/ 17 million+ subs) come to VidSummit. After sharing their strategies on stage, they would sit down and take notes furiously just like everyone else. 


It’s because at VidSummit, you get the most cutting-edge strategies of not just one person, but from dozens. If you make content online, whether it’s on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or anywhere else, this is an event you can’t afford to miss. 

Marketers, Agencies or Team Members 
Involved in the Content Creation Process

The truth is it’s hard to be a content creator. First you’ve got to write the content. Then you’ve got to film. Then it often takes dozens of hours editing it, posting it and 
distributing it. 

That’s why MOST content creators are dying to meet the right teams and team members to help them. They need your help as marketers, agencies and supporters (ie: channel managers, video editors, videographers, etc.) to help them reach their dreams. 

If you want to work with influencers or you want to do more video projects in general, then come to this event. At VidSummit, you will have access to more video content creators and influencers than anywhere else. Guaranteed.

(Plus, you also get to learn about the latest in video marketing and where you’ll get more conversions and better results than anywhere else. It’s all the stuff you CAN’T learn at school, online or in any courses because these influencers don’t share them anywhere else.)

Brands and Business Owners
If you’re a brand or business owner, you’ve got to understand this. Content creators are ALWAYS looking for the right brands to do deals with. Brand deals are often one of their main sources of income.

What this means for you is VidSummit is the perfect place for you to connect with content creators to do deals. 

In most cases, you are ONE good partnership, joint-venture or collaboration away from setting a record year. I’ve seen it time and time again. With the right influencer working with you, your sales can grow by the millions within months - even if you’re just starting out. So...

How is VidSummit Different From Other 
Marketing Events And/Or YouTube Events?
  • VidSummit is the only event where dozens of the top 1% of influencers show you how to get fans fast, build a brand and make millions from your content.
Unlike other video marketing and YouTube events, VidSummit is NOT a place where content creators connect with their fans. Instead, VidSummit is where content creators come together to help each other. Without the fans at the event, content creators can share the truth of what they do - the truth they would never share online. 
  •  Every speaker (30+ of them listed below) will be giving secrets that they’ve never shared before. At VidSummit, you get the step-by-step instructions on how to grow your YouTube Channel - in record time... How to turn subscribers into sales... And much, much more..
What’s more is you’re getting the latest of what’s working now. Not stuff from 3 or 5 years ago. You get to see what influencers are doing on YouTube, in their businesses and in video marketing now. The type of stuff you will never find online or in a course. 
  •  VidSummit is the video and YouTube industry’s highest level networking out there. You will meet dozens of people with millions upon millions of views every month. They are the ones making history as you’re reading this now - and most are just getting started. If you want to connect with high-level influencers, content-creators and other VIPs, this is where to be. There will be more deals being made during and after the event than you can imagine. You wouldn’t want to miss out! So...
Peter McKinnon
The Toronto-based vlogger is the latest YouTube superstar to be crushing the scene. Peter’s explosion came when he amassed over 1.8 million subscribers in a year. His talent as a videographer and photographer allows him to identify the newest visual trends that dominate the market. Not only does Peter dominate, but he is a strong force in changing the standard for future video. He is a determined advocate in the impact of a single image and the power of story. This leads him to finding the best tools and elements for successful storytelling. Because of his connections with the hottest brands in the industry, Peter’s audience look to his tutorials for insights to all the newest camera gear, editing software, and technology.

Shonduras started on Snapchat, revolutionizing the platform and organically growing one of the largest and most engaged audiences. He understands the social psychology behind getting fans to engage and participate with his content. Looking to diversify his reach he took his attention to YouTube where he once again created a far-reaching and engaged audience in a short amount of time. Fans look forward to his daily “Best Day Ever” videos, each filled with fun content centered around his family life, skateboarding, hanging with friends, and new trends that pop up. Shaun has won several awards for his content, has been featured in Forbes 30 Under 30, and has since created two businesses under his brand: Spacestation Gaming and Spacestation Integrations.
Sara Dietschy is a YouTuber and Content Creator based in New York City. With over 350,000 subscribers on her self-titled channel, she creates and uploads docu-series, tech reviews and vlogs. Through her work, Sara explores the intersection of technology and creativity. Sara is passionate about the creative community and therefore hosts a podcast called The Creative Exchange, where you will find candid conversations with the best artists and business professionals in the world.  Sara has partnered with brands like Intel, AT&T, Visa, Squarespace, Adobe and Best Buy to enable her creativity and provide the best content possible. 

Six Sister's Stuff
Kristen and her sisters are the masterminds behind the popular blog Six Sisters’ Stuff, a blog about family, friendship, and food. They have over 1.3 million followers on FaceBook, and 700,000 followers on Pinterest, and 6 published cookbooks. Since entering the blogging industry Kristen and her sisters have transformed their business into a multi-social platform.

Daniel Markham
what's inside?
After a 12 year career as a top sales rep in the Biotech industry, Daniel, along with his son Lincoln, became the two new personalities behind one of the most entertaining science and educational channels on YouTube called “What’s Inside?” with 5.6 million subscribers. What started as a 2nd-grade science fair project, turned into a brand committed to creating family friendly content, receiving millions of views on their videos. They have partnered with many well-recognized brands such as Nike, Nickelodeon, Mercedes-Benz, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Verizon and many more while traveling the world. As a navigator of the digital sphere, Daniel empowers the space by his engaging content strategies and understanding YouTube's platform.

Meredith Levine
Theorist Media
Meredith works in Theorist Media's strategy department, helping brands, media companies, and creators better understand content strategy and platform best practices in service of organic audience development and fandom. Prior to Theorist, she was a researcher on a year-long, foundational, anthropological study of fans and fandom for the entertainment industry. She got her start in fandom and digital video at ZEFR and has her M.A. in Fan Studies from UCLA.

CEO - VidCon
Jim Louderback is currently CEO of online video conference company VidCon and a venture partner at Social Starts. In recent years, he has developed integrated digital video strategies for large media companies - including Viacom, Discovery and National Geographic - and built platform intentional studio facilities while launching new vertically-focused content brands. In addition, he has helped a variety of media and technology startups focus their objectives, reorient their audience and customer strategy, improve product design, and develop long-term strategic plans. Previously Jim was CEO of on-line video startup Revision3, and led the company to 20x viewer and revenue growth and 9 prestigious awards.
Melissa Hunter
CEO - Family Video Network
Melissa Hunter is better known in the YouTube world as Mommy, the co-host of Mommy and Gracie Show, which she shares with her 14 year old daughter, Grace. Although starting a YouTube channel was originally Gracie’s idea, Melissa, a retired finance and operations executive, quickly saw the business potential in the medium. In 2014 she launched Family Video Network and consulting company focused on kid-friendly and family-friendly content, and she has become a leading expert in the community. Consulting with both creators and brands, as well as working closely with the YouTube Children and Learning division, allows Melissa to keep her finger on the pulse of this ever-evolving vertical. 
I love Basketball
Adam is the creator of multiple six and seven figure businesses, and premium marketing and authority consultant to multiple industry leaders. Adam’s specialty is building large, passionate communities around businesses and/or influencers to create market celebrities.  Adam, along with business partner, Rocky Ullah have built their basketball training company, I Love Basketball, into the world leader in the basketball space, receiving over a billion views a year on social media and helping millions of players worldwide. 
Benton Crane 
Managing Director - Harmon Brothers
Harmon Brothers are the masterminds behind advertising campaigns for Squatty Potty, Purple Mattress, FiberFix, Chatbooks, and more! Orabrush's "Bad Breath Test” started it all, and is now taught as a case study in business schools all over the world. Harmon Brothers have been featured on ABC’s Nightline, The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and many more publications. Awards include Ad Age Funniest Viral Video, Unruly Media’s Top 20 Most Viral Ads, 2015 Webby Award Winner for Best Writing. 

If you want to know his secrets to scaling a business, Benton will show you the formula for creating high-converting video advertising and other video campaigns.
Luria Petrucci
Founder - Live Streaming Pros
Luria Petrucci is a pioneer in the podcasting and live streaming world. Since 2005, she’s grown an audience of 2 million social followers, and has produced and hosted video & live streams for her own communities, Samsung, Panasonic, AT&T, OnStar, DISH Network, Verizon FiOS, Bausch + Lomb, BBC Click. and more.  At, she teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs how to grow their business with live streaming and online video.
Derral Eves
CEO & Founder of Creatus
Derral Eves is regarded as one of the top video marketing experts in the world. His company Creatus has helped some of the biggest YouTube channels, businesses and brands in the world helping his clients generate more than 29 billion views. Derral was the executive producer on several viral video campaigns, including Squatty Potty’s ice cream pooping unicorn.

If you want to get measurable results from your videos, Derral will show you exactly how to use the YouTube algorithm to turn video views into money, clients, and conversions

Rachel Farnsworth is the CEO of Farnsworth Media, which owns The Stay At Home Chef and Social Gold Studios. Rachel is an expert in organic Facebook growth, engagement, and marketing without the use of ads. Rachel has worked with nearly 100 Facebook pages to grow their audience through video content and then monetize that audience to drive traffic, affiliate sales, product sales, and more. In addition to helping others, Rachel has grown her own Facebook platform to reach an average of 100 million people per month. With over one thousand Facebook videos under her belt, and nearly three billion views on her self created content, Rachel has learned what it takes to succeed on Facebook.
Dennis YU 
co-founder  -  BlitzMetrics
Dennis Yu is the Chief Technology Officer of BlitzMetrics, a digital marketing company that partners with schools to train young adults.He was also the Technical Marketer for Yahoo! In the early 2000s.  Dennis specializes in Facebook Marketing, Advertising, local search optimization, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Data warehousing analytics. 

Dennis has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, National Public Radio, CNN, TechCrunch, Fox News, CBS Evening News and is co-author of Facebook Nation – a textbook taught in over 700 colleges and universities.
Stephen Sharer
Stephen has years of experience with in marketing and building brand awareness across all social media platforms. He is highly experienced in growing viewership through engaging content. He is an awarded videographer, a performer at heart, and has always been passionate about capturing his life story in an engaging way. His background in economics and digital marketing from NYU helps him understand the power of media and how to use it to grow his brand. Today Carter and Stephen run a successful Youtube channel with over 2.5 million subscribers and 800 million channel views.

If you want to get a million subscribers FAST like Stephen did, Stephen will show his secrets to taking VidSummit lessons and the easy path to success.

Chad Wild Clay 
Chad Wild Clay has been creating content on YouTube since 2010 and has amassed over 450 million views and 2.7 million subscribers. He is best known for creating music parodies and his Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Parody and PPAP in 9 Music Styles have surpassed 73 and 55 million views respectively. Chad is also the Director of Business Development at Aladtec Inc.
tim schmoyer
Founder - Video Creators
Twelve years ago Tim uploaded his first YouTube video as a way of introducing his girlfriend to his family across the country. As he kept uploading, others started watching and commenting, which started to feel a bit disconcerting. Tim then began to dive into YouTube to figure out how it worked and why so many people were watching. He found that others had the same questions, which led to him to upload his first YouTube Training Video in 2011. His Video Creators, has been featured by media outlets like FOX, Forbes, BBC even YouTube themselves as he trains other creators to master the YouTube platform and use it as a place to spread messages that change lives. The best part of his story is that he married his girlfriend, started a family, and 12 years later continue to tell their family’s story on YouTube.

Zack Nelson 
Zack Nelson is a YouTuber known widely for his channel, JerryRigEverything, which has over 1.7 million subscribers. The channel takes on Nelson’s passion for technology like smartphones, and drones, mixed with other projects like fixing random things. One of the channel’s most popular videos, “iPhone 7 Scratch test- BEND TEST- Durability video!” has amassed over 14 million views (closer to 15 million as to date). 

 Travis Chambers
 Chief Media Hacker Chamber.Media
Travis makes scalable social videos; large production videos run as ads on Facebook and YouTube that drive millions in sales. Travis led the distribution and content strategy for “YouTube’s #1 Ad of the Decade,” the “Kobe vs. Messi” campaign which resulted in over 140 million views. He’s worked with brands like Yahoo, Kraft, Old Navy, Coca-Cola, and Amazon among others. Travis was named Forbes 2018 30 under 30: Marketing and Advertising.
If you want to know how to use Facebook ads to distribute your content while also generating millions in sales, he’ll show you what he does behind-the-scenes to guarantee success.
Rob Sandie
CEO/Co-founder Vidiq
In 2013 Rob started off with a simple mission: to help YouTube creators get more views in less time. vidIQ was the manifestation of that idea: the very first chrome extension tool for YouTube analytics and channel management. It continues to lead the market today, helping over 1M users (including the likes of BuzzFeed and Redbull) grow their channels by unearthing hidden data and saving millions of work hours automating mundane tasks.
Ricky Ray Butler 
CEO at Branded Entertainment Network
Ricky Ray  has brought more money to YouTube influencers than almost anyone.  After he sold his company Plaid Social to Corbis (owned by Bill Gates), Ricky Ray helped transform Corbis into Branded Entertainment Network.  Any time you see products in movies and TV, that’s the network that does that. 

If you want to know how to get the best brand deals, Ricky will show you exactly what to say, how to say it and who to say it to.
Here are the Other High-Level Speakers At VidSummit
Bryce Jurgensmeier
Viral Marketing Consultant
The Jurgys 
Founder - Entrepreneur & 
Small Business Institute
Pat Flynn
Smart Passive Income
Joel Comm
Live Video Expert & New York Times Best-Selling Author
Roberto Blake
Creative Entrepreneur
CEO Create Awesome Media
Sean Cannell
YouTuber at Think Media 
Co-Founder of Video Influencers 

Elizabeth Chang
"Lizzy Sharer"
Matthew Gielen
Founder & CEO
Little Monster Media Co.
Logan young
Co-Founder BlitzMetrics

Tom Martin
Founder FAQTube
Jonathan Katz, Esq
CEO & Co-Founder Clamour
Mark Robertson
Video Marketing Strategist
Founder ReelSEO

Owen Video
Video Marketing Consultant
Benji Travis
Its Judys Life
Co Founder Video Infulencer

Carter Sharer
YouTube Creator
Rocky Ullah
Co- Founder- I Love Basketball

Jeremy Johnston, JD
YouTube Attorney
YouTube Vlogger "J House" 

Jake Larsen
CEO Video Power
Video Marketing Strategist
Richie Norton
CEO - Global Consulting Circle
Nick Nimmin
CEO Video Power
Video Marketing Strategist
Jonathan Otto
Investigative Journalist

Justin Brown
CEO Primal Video
Video Marketing Strategist
Tommie Powers
Digital Marketing Consultant
Evan Carmichael
Founder - Evan Carmichael Communications Group
Nate Woodbury
Video Marketing Consultant 
Owner - Be The Hero Studios
Caleb Wojcik
Founder - DIY Video Guy
Josh Barney
Director of Esports 
 Jazz Gaming
Steve Dotto
Executive Producer
Dotto Tech
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    EArly Bird - Attendee PAss

      Tuesday October 9th
        5- 9 pm Event Registration
        6- 10 pm Kick-Off Reception & Networking
      The party starts on Tuesday! Plan to arrive Tuesday afternoon/evening so that you can register for the event.  
      Wednesday October 10th
       8 am  Breakfast
        9 am Welcome
        9am - 5:30pm  Breakout Sessions
        11 am Keynote
        12:15 pm  Lunch
        5:30 pm  Networking Party
      Get here bright and early Wednesday morning ready to learn from the best of the best! Enjoy soaking up knowledge from our expert speakers throughout the day.
      Thursday October 11th
        8 am  Breakfast
        9 am - 5:30 pm Breakout Sessions
        11 am Keynote
        12:15 pm Lunch
       5:30 pm Networking Party
      Thursday is the second day of Breakout Sessions to keep the knowledge rolling. All of our speakers are experts, here to teach you!
      Friday October 12th
       8 am - 12:30pm  Hands on Training With Gear
      This year we will have hands on training, a first for VidSummit! Be prepared to learn about the newest and most up to date gear! 
      VidSummit is proud to partner with the following sponsors:
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      The VidSummit takes place at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel in Los Angeles, California. The Westin provides a complimentary airport shuttle to get you to and from VidSummit with ease. Hotel amenities include an outdoor pool and spa, a WestinWORKOUT fitness center, and a business center to help make your stay as comfortable as possible.

      To book a room on-site for VidSummit, call the hotel at 1-800-WESTIN-1 or click on this link to reserve your room right now

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      Still Not Convinced? 
      Here's What Others Are Saying About The VidSummit:

      “Hearing other people’s ideas I’ve never considered before, things that are working for other people, it’s just really cool to have all this conversation with all these great people who are working in the industry as hard as I am and making those connections in the industry has been really valuable for me in my business and my channel and that’s why I really like it and that’s what I would look forward to.”

      Tim Schmoyer

      “I would compare VidSummit to VidCon Industry Day But on Steroids !!!”

      Vy Qwaint

      “And let me tell you, this is the premier event that you need to be at if you want to know anything about the best of the best of how to do it right on YouTube, video online period.”

      Amy Schmittauer

      “This is where the cream of the Video Marketing World come to speak, to network, share ideas, also take home ideas that they implement in their business.”

      David Walsh

      “There are so many things, if you come with a small channel that you could learn from the very beginning and skip years of trial and error that we had to experience. So definitely come.”

      Rebecca Beach

      “People who are actually changing the face of the industry, actually creating what the future of this industry is going to be, are here and if you want to be on that forefront, you need to be here.”

      Tommie Powers

      “I thought VidSummit would be people trying to sell products the whole time, and that is definitely not the case! My brain is on overload. Creator, advertiser, or marketer, this is where you need to be if you want to be the best and have the most current information from the best in the world.”

      Warren Workman

      "I had no idea how much I was missing. There are so many things out there that I can be doing to market my videos better. Small things that make a huge impact."

      Ashley Prisbey

      “I went to film school and learned how to make pretty pictures and tell engaging stories, but what I’ve been missing is the ability to reach and connect with an audience through the online medium, and now I have things I can actually take away and apply immediately.”

      Austin Wilson

      Frequently Asked Questions
      Where is VidSummit held?
      VidSummit is held at the Westin Los Angeles Airport hotel at

      5400 W Century Boulevard
      Los Angeles CA  90045
      Phone: 301-216-5858
      What are the dates of VidSummit?
      VidSummit 2018  officially begins Tuesday evening, October 9th and runs through Friday morning, October 12nd. 
      Will Video Replays of the conference sessions be available?
      Video replays for the entire conference will be available for purchase on the website. Purchase your replays at the same time as your Attendee or Virtual Ticket purchases for a special one time offer!
      Will there be social and networking receptions?
      Yes, there will be networking parties on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. You will receive more information about the reception upon registration. There will also be sponsored breakfast and lunches this year for all VidSummit Attendee Pass holders.
      Can I get a Refund?
      Refund Refund Policy: You may cancel your participation in VidSummit 2018 at any time, but please be aware of the following cancellation policy: If you cancel before June 30, 2018, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel between July 1, 2018 and July 31, 2018, you will be refunded 50% of your registration fee. If you cancel after August 1, 2018, you are not eligible for a refund but may send someone in your place. You may resell your ticket. To request a refund or fully grant your access to the event to another person, email Only requests made by the original registrant will be honored.

      Can I transfer my ticket?
      If you would like to transfer your Attendee Pass or your Virtual Live Stream Pass to another person, you may do so for a processing fee of $50 USD. This must be done 30 days before VidSummit 2018 begins.
      Will There be Live streaming?
      Yes, Live streaming will be available through the purchase of a virtual ticket. The Live Stream Includes all of the regular conference sessions as well as bonus content hosted by Luria Petrucci, and other guest hosts.

      Will there be Wifi available?
      Wifi will be available through the Westin at a 50% discount off their regular rate for all in-person attendees.

      Is parking available at the venue?
      If you are driving to VidSummit, the Westin is offering discounted daily parking rates at the hotel for VidSummit guests. Visit the front desk upon arrival to receive your parking discount.

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