Futurist, Speaker and Entrepreneur
Tim Holladay is a futurist, speaker and entrepreneur. A self-proclaimed super nerd, Tim’s engineering background and entrepreneurial drive led him to build Crowd Mics, the microphone of the future, with his brother Sean. The brothers recently sold Crowd Mics, and now Tim has taken his expertise on the road speaking to companies and organizations. His message “The future is better than we think” challenges us to build a future we actually want. With an energetic, positive and entertaining style, Tim shows a new, hands-on view of the future. AI, robotics, automation and other mega-shifts will give us unmatched prosperity, solve world-sized problems, and let us become more human. He’s like 92% sure this will happen. 

Tim is most excited to build his own meaningful future with his five fantastic kids and a rockstar wife! The future really is better than we think!
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